AC Motors

The wide range of models, types and powers of our AC Motors allows us to cover applications in all industrial sectors, and in general wherever high efficiency and maximum reliability is required

Medium and low voltage AC Motors

Our AC motors series MVE/MVT are used in various sector: Energy, Chemicals, Naval, Generators and Pumps, Mining, Ventilation.

  • Power from 0,12 to 1250 kW
  • Voltages from 2 to 11 KV (low voltage motors available in 230/400/690V)
  • Squirrel cage motor
  • Available frame size from 63 to 500mm
  • Poles availability 2-4-6-8-10-12-16 poles
  • Available also with double polarity: 2/4–4/6-4/8-6/8 poles
  • Cooling IC411 (autoventilated), IC416 (servoventilated), IC86W (air/water exchanger) & IC666 (air/air exchanger)
  • Protection IP55
  • Insulation class F temperature rise B
  • Multi frequency and multi voltage
  • Standards IEC 60034 – 60072 – 60079-15 – DIN VDE 0530 – NEMA
Medium & Low Voltage AC Motors - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Square laminated AC motor AMP series

The AMP square frame AC motors are developed and designed for vectorial inverter using and to achieve the same dynamic performance as for DC motor series.

The AMP series respond to the requirements for all the industrial applications that require speed variation, in the industries of steel, lifting, mining, cement, cable cars, paper, plastic, rubber, cables, ropes, etc

  • Available power from 17 to 1000kW at 1500 rpm, in protection degree IP23 with IC06 cooling or in protection IP54/55 with IC416 cooling
  • 7 different frame sizes: 112-132-160-180-225-280-355
  • Fully laminated square frame design that facilitate its integration into all types of machinery
  • IEC600 34 standards
  • Other cooling forms (in IC666 or IC86W with exchanger) are available on request
Square Laminated AC motor - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Wound rotor AC motors SRM type

Wound rotor AC motor for special industrial applications that require high starting torque and for liftings

  • Available power from 2,2 to 340kW
    slip ring rotor
  • Available polarity: 2-4-6-8-10
  • Cooling form IC411 (self-ventilated)
  • Protection IP55 – insulation class F
    mounting IM1001, IM3001, IM2001 and their combinations
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Special solutions on request (both mechanical and electrical)
Crane Duty AC Motors - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Roller tables induction motors TTM series

TTM motor series have been designed to drive roller table for rolling mills in heavy duty iron and steel manufacturing

The motors are oversized in terms of mechanical and electrical engineering and are also suitable to be controlled by variable frequency inverter

  • IEC-VDE-NFC-BS-CEI Standards
  • Available polarity 4-6-8-10-12-16-20-24-30
  • 5 different frame size h= 80-100-132-160-200mm
  • Cooling form IC410 (without ventilation)
  • Protection IP55
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Special solutions on request (both mechanical and electrical)
Roller Tables Induction Motors TTM Series - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Brushless motors BRS series

BRS servomotors series ensure high dynamic performances and the maximum versatility

The Boron Iron Neodymium magnets used in the motors ensures motors with high power, capable of high overload without the risk of demagnetization

The magnetic circuit has been studied to allow the motors to produce sinusoidal power with reduced torque ripples

Low rotor inertia allow quickly accelerations and decelerations

Our servomotors are compatible with any drive directly fed by power grid of 220/240Vac and 380/460Vac.

  • Winding threephase with Y connection without accessibile neutral wire
  • Insulation Class H
  • Temperature rise Class F (dTmax=105K)
  • Protection degree IP54
  • Feedback device 2 poles resolver
  • Available cooling IC 410 (closed motor, without ventilation) or IC 416 (axial servoventilation)
  • Mounting form IM B5
AC Brushless Motors - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers


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