Drives & Inverters

Power availability up to 980 kW, our Drives DC and AC Inverters use the best technologies available in the automation sector, to increase productivity, save energy and minimize downtime

DC Drives

Sales and distribution of SPRINT ELECTRIC DC Drives

Wide range of DC drives for DC motor control. The right answer to the needs of automation industry.

Increase your productivity, save energy and reduce commissioning time in service.

Whether you use an ultra-compact four quadrant drive or the most advanced digital drive, it will be easier than ever to control machinery for wiring, retrofit of plastic extruders, renovate steel mills, design of control systems with DC Motors.

  • Single phase drives, up to 11 kW: available in isolated version, not isolated and with regenerative braking.
  • Threephase drives up to 980 kW: Available in both digital and analog version

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DC Drivers - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Inverters AC Motors

Sales and distribution of DELTA ELECTRONICS Inverters

Available on power range from 0,75 to 220kW, DELTA inverters cover a wide range of applications in automation and energy saving.

Accurate control of speed and torque. Many customizable controls and operating configurations.

DELTA Inverters offer the most advanced and comprehensive features available on the market and provides the best hardware and software technology.

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Inverters - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers

Starting Resistors for DC Motors

We produce special resistors, to limit the starting current of DC motor with battery supply

  • Bare wire wound resistor inside a metallic framework
  • High power in small volume, up to 20000W
  • Protection degree IP20, IP23, IP55
  • Maximum operating voltage 1500V
  • 5 different resistive elements available: RMS, RDP, RCPO, RCA, RHP
  • Thermal switch optional
  • Metal box is normally galvanized steel or AISI304 on request
Starting Up Resistor for DC Motors - AlfaMotori - Electric Industrial Motors and Drivers


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